Announcing the LightBox FEMA National Risk Index (NRI) API available in the LightBox Developer Portal


The National Risk Index is easy to use and provides an at-a-glance overview of multiple natural hazard risk factors.

From the FEMA NRI site "The National Risk Index identifies a community's risk to natural hazards. Community risk in The Index is a combination of several factors, including the expected annual dollar loss related to building value, population, or agriculture value due to a natural hazard; social vulnerability, represents the susceptibility of social groups to the adverse impacts of natural hazards; and community resilience, measures the ability of a community to prepare for anticipated natural hazards, adapt to changing conditions, and withstand and recover rapidly from disruptions."

LightBox is presenting the NRI and a geographic granularity at the Census Tract level.

LightBox APIs has added ability to access the National Risk Index by several access points;

  • By address
  • Geometry
  • NRI Id
  • Parcel Id

We look forward to any feedback, concerns or additional capabilities you might need, contact us.