Developer Portal and APIs Release 09/06/2022

new release

We are happy to announce a new release of the Developer Portal and APIs. Updates to the developer portal include splitting out our release notes to separate the portal vs the APIs, adding 4 new API products to our catalog, and adding this blog.

Four new API Products has been added to our catalog

  • Schools API that returns private and public school points, district information and attendance area boundaries.
  • FEMA Risk Index API that serves risk levels of 18 different hazards at the census track level, including wildfire, hail, tsunami, strong wind among others.
  • EPA Sites API which provides Superfund and Brownfield site information
  • FEMA Flood API that provides flood information at the property level

Along with the new APIs we have added additional functionality to our existing APIs


  • Endpoint to return common ownership of neighboring parcels using the LightBox parcel Id


  • Endpoint to return nearest address to point, primarily used as a reverse geocoder
  • Endpoint to return all addresses on a parcel using the LightBox parcel Id


  • Endpoint to return all structures by address Id


  • Endpoint to return the full owner portfolio by the LightBox assessment Id
  • Endpoint to return all assessments on a parcel via a LightBox assessment Id
  • Endpoint to return all assessments on a parcel using a point WKT 

You can view all the additions and updates by reading our Release Notes under the support drop-down menu accessible on the main menu.