Schools API now available in the LightBox Developer Portal

Schools API

We are excited to announce the LightBox Schools API now accessible within the LightBox Developer Portal. This API will provide school information for the US with many avenues to retrieve school information. The school response object will contain an array of schools, for each school. School data will include; school name, website, number of students, number of teachers, our standard location object, that includes the latitude and longitude of the school location. Along with school location we also return the school district information, including the school district website, name, bounding geometry as a polygon and the school attendance area as a geometry.

We did not stop at public schools, we have also added the ability to return private schools. The result object for a private school is identical to the public school response, so code can rely on a single response object and not a different response for different types. You will find that some properties are null in the private school response as private schools do not carry district or attendance area information.

The API provides many avenues to get the the school result, so that your application can retrieve schools with the information that you have on hand.

  • By Address
  • By District
  • By Attendance Area
  • By school Id
  • By school district Id

As with all of our datasets that include location we have provided endpoints to add school data layers to your map control of choice.

We look forward to hearing your feedback on this important dataset.