Telecom Mapping

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With LightBox, you’ll get access to location-accuracy and property intel. Whether your cable, wireless, and wireline telecommunications needs involve marketing and analytics, serviceability, planning and engineering, or operations management, we can help. Gain insights into segmented customer usage habits, demand forecasting, and equipment estimates, so you can avoid delayed project times and quickly respond to issues when they arise.



A robust address universe, with the highest locational accuracy, linked to rich attribution, to solve your business needs.

LightBox layers
  • Access to the most reliable location and property data, including parcels, building footprints, addresses, tax and deed data, zoning information, residential and business usage, business unit counts, and more.
  • Built on a consistent data model for straightforward data onboarding and integration.
  • LightBox uses over 5000 data sources to continuously deliver high-accuracy data for all 50 states, Washington D.C, and U.S. territories.
  • Solves for needs that require a high level of fidelity and location accuracy over a large area, including rural regions.
  • Largest nationwide collection of parcel boundaries and building footprints, as well as secondary addresses for both residences and businesses.

APIs built for telecom workflows

LightBox's experience helps you create workflows to analyze data and bridge the Digital Divide.

  • Identify Merging Markets - Understand your market's demographics and population density to more accurately forecast demand. Make informed decisions regarding current and future supply needs with the help of historical aerial imagery and household growth forecasts.
  • Strengthen Marketing & Communications - Our Location APIs include property ownership information, as well as comprehensive demographics such as age, gender, income, education level, and more.
  • Serviceability & Site Selection - Our Location APIs enable you to easily find locations for new infrastructure. With access to serviceable locations, land use, and business listings, the API provides the data necessary for site selection.
  • Better Demand Forecasting & Infrastructure Maintenance - Through delivery of key property and ownership data points, the LightBox APIs help support demand forecasting and your need to maintain infrastructure, so you can predict and solve problems related to hardware capacity, staffing, and more.
  • Easily Handle Right-Of-Way Projects - Departments dealing with right-of-way projects, like service expansion and maintenance upgrades, can quickly and easily determine the fastest and most cost-effective routes.  
Broadband workflows


Benefits of using LightBox APIs within your workflows

Secure, lightweight, powerful APIs that are available 24/7.

api sample


  • Access to the SmartFabric universe through easy-to-implement RESTful APIs.
  • Free up your data team to optimize their time and let LightBox do the heavy data processing, normalization, and management of core datasets.
  • Connectivity is built into the LightBox APIs using the LightBox IDs.
  • Continuous access to the most current data available.
  • Add SmartFabric data to your mapping applications.

APIs included within the SmartFabric Telecom Solution

Access to the LightBox core APIs to support your broadband needs.

Geocoder API

  • The LightBox Geocoder enables connections from an address to the SmartFabric record.
  • The geocoder identifies how well it matched to the input address with a multi-factor confidence score, allowing your application to be confident in the address it returned.
  • Not only will the LightBox Geocoder return the coordinates, it also returns a precision code that identifies how accurate the location is (rooftop, parcel centroid, etc.)
  • Connectivity is built into the LightBox Geocoder. Each response will include LightBox IDs that link back to parcels, assessment, structures, and location data. 
  • The autocomplete endpoint makes type-ahead easy for your end users.
  • Reverse geocoding is supported. If you have a point location rather than an address, we will return one or more addresses that are closest to that point location.
  • The response includes the parsed address components, along with the address, city, state, and country. 

    Parcels API

    • API endpoints work with the SmartFabric Parcel layer.
    • Access to the Parcel boundary and key parcel attributes.
    • Understand the complete lot(s) with adjacent-ownership search.
    • Identify a parcel using a geometry, address, or any one of the LightBox IDs.
    • Add Parcel boundaries and interactivity to your mapping applications.

    Assessments API

    • API endpoints work with the SmartFabric Assessment layer. 
    • Access to ownership, address, building characteristics, zoning, lot size, sales information. and much more.
    • Identify an assessor record using a geometry, address, or any one of the LightBox IDs.
    • Add Assessment points and interactivity to your mapping applications.

    Addresses API

    • API endpoints work with the SmartFabric  Address layer.
    • Access the complete address universe that fuels the LightBox Geocoder.
    • The ability to ask for all the addresses that are related to a Parcel, Structure, LocationInfo, or Assessment record.
    • Understand if the address is a business or a residence, or if it is primary or a secondary address.
    • Add address points and interactivity to your mapping applications.
    • Connectivity is returned with LightBox IDs from the Parcel, Structure, Assessment, and LocationInfo records related to the returned address.

    Structures API

    • API endpoints work with the SmartFabric Structure layer.
    • Return all structures that are on a parcel, assessment, or address using any one of the LightBox IDs.
    • Return ground elevation, building height, square footage and the geometry that makes up the first-floor footprint.
    • Add structure polygons and interactivity to your mapping applications.


      Additional APIs that can be added to your subscription

      Supporting APIs help to further realize the telecom potential.

      LocationInfo API

      • API endpoints work with the SmartFabric Location layer.
      • Each LocationInfo object contains the number of residential units, business units, and whether it is a broadband-serviceable location or not.
      • Identify a LocationInfo object using a geometry, address, or any one of the LightBox IDs.
      • Add LocationInfo points and interactivity to your mapping applications.

      Demographics API

      • API endpoints work with the our Demographics layer.
      • Attributes include, age, race, college attainment, consumer spending, and much more.
      • Return demographic records by point and radius.
      • Add Demographic polygons and interactivity to your mapping applications.

      Geocoder Extension API

      • With the Geocode Extension APIs, custom addresses can be added to your address pool. This allows your company to add addresses that you know about before LightBox does.
      • Custom addresses are only available in your account. LightBox and other companies do not have access to any custom addresses that are added to your dictionary.
      • Greenfield addresses can now be made available to your entire organization.

      Builder Sites API

      • Access to the top 350 residential builders currently developing sites.
      • Early signal to new residential development.
      • Data to help with market sizing and market expansion efforts.
      • Provides builder name, community/subdivision name, min & max square feet, anticipated listing price ranges, type of homes being built, builder URL, subdivision URL, and completion status data.
      • Add builder site points and interactivity to your mapping applications.

      Zoning API

      • Gain a more complete picture of parcel data with deeper data from a single source.
      • Provides zoning code, floor area ratio, setback requirements, building height, and more.
      • Each zoning record returns a URL back to the municipality's ordinance.


      APIs included with this solution

      Additional add on APIs